Your Time is Valuable … Don’t Waste it Haggling With Car Salesmen!

We Make Car Buying/Leasing Easy!

Discover Below How to Get the Car of Your Dreams at a Price That Won’t Give You Nightmares … Completely Haggle & Hassle Free!

Did you know that the average person buying or leasing a car spends 8 to 12 hours or more researching and shopping for a “deal”?

Well, it’s true. And that’s valuable time that you could spend at work, closing your next big deal, or just having fun with your family.

So why put yourself through all that headache-inducing research? Why go through the frustrating haggling that comes with dealing with a car salesman?

Especially when Foothill Sales & Leasing can find you the perfect new or pre-owned vehicle through our vast network of dealers for a fair price … and then deliver the car to your home or office?

Buying or Leasing a Car Has Never Been This Easy!

With over 40 years of experience in the automotive business in Southern California, we know the dealers to trust and we can search our network of trusted dealers to find the car with the features you want.

Here are just some of the benefits of working with us:

  • We’ll negotiate on your behalf  for car leasing or buying – saving you valuable time and frustration!
  • You won’t get sent to the Finance Department – which can often be worse than a visit to the dentist!
  • We’ll make sure that your purchase or lease doesn’t include any unnecessary add-on features or fees that the dealers use to generate more profits!
  • We help you find the best financing available!

At Foothill Sales & Leasing we know all the strategies that dealers use to make as much profit as possible.

For example, some dealers may quote a lower price than others, but then raise the fees and financing on the back end to more than make up the difference.

Tricks like that don’t get past us. We work for you not the car dealerships and we’ll use our extensive knowledge and experience to ensure you get the absolute best deal possible.

The truth is our clients most often end up getting better deals than they would have gotten negotiating on their own – and remember with us you don’t have to waste any of your valuable time!

Take a Look at Just a Few of Our Recent Deals:

  • We recently delivered a new car to the CFO of a mid-sized company who only had 20 minutes to spare in between important meetings on the delivery date. We were in and out in 15 minutes, including all paperwork.
  • We recently delivered a new car to a small business owner at his house where he signed the paperwork at his kitchen table. The whole process (including paperwork) was completed in less than 20 minutes.

And Here’s What Clients have to Say About Our Service:

“Once I decided on the car I contacted Foothill Sales & Leasing with my selection. From there the process was easy for me. They located the car, set up the financing and brought the car to my office where I signed the paperwork. When I was turning in a leased car they also picked up the old car at the time of the delivery for the new car. The whole process was efficient and convenient!” – Jayme Brooks.

“My wife and I have bought or leased three cars from Foothill Sales & Leasing, and each time it has been a great experience.  When my wife was ready for her new SUV, she called Garrett and Jeff, and the next day the exact car she wanted was sitting in our driveway. Not to mention, they took our old car and got us more money for it than if we turned it in to a dealer.  When the lease was up on my 5 Series I asked them to find me a low millage 6 series. Within a day, they found me the perfect car and negotiated a terrific price. They make it so easy, all we had to do was give them the details of what we wanted and they did the rest. They have always gotten a competitive price for us, and make sure we are not paying any frivolous fees or for any insurance programs we don’t need. My wife owns her own business, and I am extremely busy at work so we didn’t want to spend countless hours researching and haggling with dealers when we could be spending that time with our boys. I think anyone who wants a fair deal without the hassle would love the experience they would get from Garrett and Jeff. Thanks for a great car buying experience.” – Steve Garrett, Senior Vice President, Paramount Pictures

“This service takes all of the pressure and hassle out of car buying.  The process revolved around what I wanted to buy, not what the dealer wanted to sell me.  I got a good price and the car was delivered to my door with zero hassle. Between phone calls and doing all of the paperwork, from start to finish, I spent less than two hours “buying” my car from Foothill Sales and Leasing. Foothill Sales and Leasing’s sensitivity to my time schedule and interests will keep me out of the dealership next time I buy a car.” –Ryan Yakubik, CFA

So How Do You Want to Buy or Lease Your Next Car?

Do you want to waste hours of your valuable time doing it yourself?

Do you want to conduct headache-inducing research online and with books and magazines?

Do you want to haggle with three or four dealers and keep going back and forth between them trying to get the best deal (only to still feel like you got taken advantage of when it’s all said and done)?

Or would you like to ensure you get a fair deal while completely avoiding haggling and the other hassles that often accompany getting a new or used car.

With Foothill Sales & Leasing you simply tell us what you want and we do the research and find the right car for you in Southern California!

Foothill Sales & Leasing Solves All the Most Common Issues That Come With Buying or Leasing a Car:

Issue Our Solution
Car buying/ car leasing is a hassle We deliver a hassle-free experience
Don’t trust the car salesman/dealer We work for the client, not the dealer – and have established a network of trusted dealers
Leasing is complicated We have 40 years experience and specialize in getting you the best deal
Don’t like haggling We negotiate for you
Feel like they got taken advantage of by the dealer We know what customer and dealer incentives are available and will make sure you get a fair deal
Over-abundance of information We have the experience to cut through the noise to what information matters the most
My time is valuable, and don’t have extra time to spend at a car dealership We deliver the car to your home or office
My time is valuable, and don’t have extra time to spend at a car dealership We deliver the car to your home or office
Padded fees, charges, interest rates, and useless add-on insurance We make sure you pay as close to the dealer cost as possible and eliminate useless add-ons and charges

So what are you waiting for? Get the car of your dreams WITHOUT all the hassles … contact us today!

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