SEAT Ibiza 0.9 1993 – a brilliant combination of power and perfromance

City fuel economy 8.8
Highway fuel economy 5.3
Mixed mode fuel economy 7.1
Fuel tank volume 50
Fuel distance from 570
Fuel distance to 940
Recommended fuel AI-95
Ecological standard
Full speed 129
Time for acceleration to 100 km/h 22
Engine volume 903
Engine power 44
Turnovers max power of 5800
Maximum power rotations no data
Maximum torque 63
Turnovers max torque of no data
Maximum torque rotations 3000
Engine type Gasoline
Engine configuration Terraced
Injection type Carburetor
Availability of intercooler no data
Number of cylinders 4
Number of valves per cylinder 2
Cylinder diameter 65
Piston stroke 68
Transmission Mechanics, 5-speed
Wheel drive Front
Seats 5
Length 3685
Width 1610
Height 1410
Wheelbase 2445
Front track 1420
Rear track 1375
Ground clearance 125
Curb weight 840
Admissible gross weight 1315
Payload no data
Trunk volume 320
cargo_volume_to 1200
Weight on front axle no data
Weight on back axle no data
Front suspension Strut
Rear suspension Strut
Front brakes Disc
Rear brakes Drum

Frankly speaking, the Seat Ibiza 1993 does not need any introduction. The car still has a high reputation among the buyers who are planning to buy a decent looking hatch which performs brilliantly regardless of the driving conditions.

Additionally, the 1993 Ibiza outperforms several other hatchbacks of its generation when it comes to the performance, build quality and the fuel economy. In all, the car literally rocked the automobile market till the year 2002.

This was the second generation of the vehicle and gained enormous popularity among the buyers of the 90’s. Let’s dig deeper to the Seat Ibiza 1993 specifications to know more about this amazing product based on the Volkswagen’s A03 platform.

SEAT Ibiza 0.9 1993 photo - 1

Seat Ibiza 1993 specifications

The Seat Ibiza 1993 specifications are next. It was a compact hatchback built across the Volkswagen’s A03 platform, which was indeed the best platform at that time. Additionally, the car was designed to kept he buyer entertained, and was available in the seven variants which are clearly based on the buyer’s need, and was an ultimate buy for almost every category of the buyers.

The car was available in five different petrol engine options namely, 1.3, 1.4, 1.6, 1.8 and 2.0 litre. With the 5-speed manual transmission, the Ibiza has enough power to keep the driver engaged throughout the ride, and the average fuel consumption of 7.7 L/100Km is more than adequate at that time.

SEAT Ibiza 0.9 1993 photo - 2

2 options

For the buyers who prefer to buy a diesel variant of the vehicle, the company has two remarkably brilliant engine options (1.9 litre normal diesel engine, and 1.9 litre TD diesel engine).

In comparison with the petrol variants, the diesel engines were more reliable, fast and were more fuel efficient. The diesel variants of the Seat Ibiza 1993 provide fuel economy of 6.0 L/100Km, which is superior than most of the hatchbacks of its time.

In all, the five-door of Seat Ibiza 1993 was a great product form the manufacturer, and still has great value for those who are looking for reliability and performance from a single vehicle.

SEAT Ibiza 0.9 1993 photo - 3
SEAT Ibiza 0.9 1993 photo - 4
SEAT Ibiza 0.9 1993 photo - 5
SEAT Ibiza 0.9 1993 photo - 6
SEAT Ibiza 0.9 1993 photo - 8
SEAT Ibiza 0.9 1993 photo - 9
SEAT Ibiza 0.9 1993 photo - 10
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